The end-of-internship meeting

Juan Granero Moneva, Lucia Giordano, Isaac Cherubino, Maria Abi Raad, Audrey Marie Dandenault and Chiara Lisciotto ended their Internship at RPBW.

Due to the Covid-19 situation the internship period, started on February 2020, had been stopped after few days, so we had decided to skip the 2021 sessions to give them the opportunity to end their experience.

Last Monday they gathered in Genoa, at the Renzo Piano Foundation, for the end-of-internship meeting.

After the visits to the Foundation and the Punta Nave Office, to meet and greet Renzo and Milly Piano, we met in the Classroom with Shunji Ishida and Luigi Priano, RPBW partner. The young architects could share with us the most impressive and significant moments and experiences of the semester, telling what were the most importat things they learned working in a team, seeing the archives, following such a projects.

 We thank all of them for the enthusiasm and commitment they have shown!

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