Lia Piano Interview

Mario Paternostro interviews Lia Piano, head of the Foundation's editorial programs.

The occasion is the presentation of the latest monograph published by the Renzo Piano Foundation, "il Ponte", which tells the story of the project of the new Genoa San Giorgio Bridge through the voice of the protagonists and the documents collected and preserved by the Foundation's archives.

Lia Piano, writer, has been following the editorial activities of the Renzo Piano Foundation since 2004, curating the series of monographs devoted to the projects of Renzo Piano and the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, now in its eleventh publication. In 2019 she published her first novel "Planimetria di una famiglia felice" with Bompiani.

Watch the interview on youtube: Paternostro Intervista: LIBRI E IDEE: LIA PIANO

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