IL PONTE Ponte Genova San Giorgio - The new monograph

The Renzo Piano Foundation extended the "Monographs" collection. The new pubblication is dedicated to the Genova San Giorgio Bridge, built just 18 months after the demolition of the original bridge, collapsed on August 14th  2018.

This volume, edited and published by the Renzo Piano Foundation within the monographic series dedicated to Renzo Piano’s iconic projects, tells the entire path in images, from the demolition of the Morandi Bridge to today. The history of the project is chronologically reconstructed through more than 100 drawings, unpublished sketches, models and prototypes, annotations, and construction site photos. In this way the entire process is well documented, including the different design phases, the proposals then modified or abandoned in the final project and second thoughts. Renzo Piano's story especially collected in July 2020, a few weeks after the opening of the bridge, was recorded and faithfully transcribed in the volume. 

Discover more about the new volume and the "Monographs" collection on Book

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