40 days World tour - 2018

The Renzo Piano Foundation, together with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the Fundación Botín, has established an annual award for the best thesis focused on the “Art of Construction: the importance of structural details”.
The award, RPWT 2018 – Renzo Piano World Tour 2018, covered through a grant by the three Foundations, consists of a 40-day journey around the globe through the world of Architecture and Construction, and an opportunity to visit and study the most important Renzo Piano and RPBW architectural sites.

The three award recipients Thomas Pepino, Ioanna Mitropoulou e Ricardo Fernandez Gozales, one each from the University of Padua, University of Athens and University of Madrid, will leave on Saturday June 16th from Athens. 

Follow them @rpwt40days #RPWT40days2018 

Media partner: professionearchitetto.it

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