10 years of Auditorium del Parco in L'Aquila

The Auditorium del Parco opened ten years ago in L'Aquila, to replace the Castello Spagnolo concert hall, gravely damaged in the 2009 earthquake.

The project, lead by Renzo Piano, the Renzo Piano Building Workhsop and architect Alessandro Traldi, was supported and financied by the Provincia Autonoma of Trento.

The Auditorium construction site was also turned into an educational opportunity for graduating engineerign students from the University of L'Aquila and Trento, as a chanche to attain some real hands-on experience. This has been possible by the organization of the Renzo Piano Foundation with architects and construction entreprises, and became the first experience of the workshop-on-building-site program organized by the Renzo Piano Foundation.


Discover more about the Workshop on the building site program and about the Auditorium del Parco project.

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