The Power of the Archive in Procida

The film The Power of the Archive at Artecinema , the international Art Film Festival held in Procida.

Today 15/07 at 10:15 pm

The documentary explores the world of the archives of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop office and its links with the design activity, through the voice and images of the protagonists: partners, architects, model makers, archivists, collaborators and clients. It is Renzo Piano himself who describes the meaning, value and use of memory as key to the future. The realized projects are the tip of an iceberg that hides a long intertwining of stories, ideas, attempts, successes and failures, the traces of which remain preserved in the archives entrusted to the Renzo Piano Foundation. Archives are therefore not only places and tools, but a real “workshop that works in memory”.

More info here: Procida2022

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