Genova Parigi A/R. Le origini genovesi del Centre Pompidou

Beaubourg Genova-Parigi A/R. Le origini genovesi del Centre Pompidou 

Beaubourg Genoa-Paris round trip. The Genoese origins of the Center Pompidou


Wednesday 22 March 2023 h 18:00, Sala del Maggior Consiglio, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa.

Conference organized by the Fondazione Ordine Architetti Genova, curated by Boris Hamzeian with Centre Pompidou, Arup and Fondazione Renzo Piano for the presentation of the book

The Live Centre of Information, From Pompidou to Beaubourg, 1968-1971, by Boris Hamzeian

Pierluigi Feltri, President of the Architects Foundation of Genoa will introduce the guests with Lia Piano, Director of the Renzo Piano Foundation and Jennifer Greitschus, Head of Exhibitions at Arup.

Speeches will follow

Boris Hamzeian, historian and architect, Department of Architecture, Centre Pompidou;

Federico Bucci, pro-rector and full professor of history of architecture, PoliMi;

Giovanni Galli, associate professor of Architectural and Urban Composition, DAD Unige;

Gabriele del Mese, engineer founding and ex-director of Arup Italia;

Shunji Ishida, architect, collaborator and partner of Renzo Piano formerly at Piano + Rogers Architects.


From 17:00, an exhibition of documents and images from the archives of the Renzo Piano Foundation will also be open to visitors in the Sala del Maggior Consiglio.


The conference is valid for 2 CFP.

For architects, the registration procedures for the purposes of professional accreditation are available at the following link.

For the public: in attendance subject to availability or live streaming at this link.

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