In the early 2000s, the Renzo Piano Foundation developed a program for preserving its archives.

The documentation preserved enshrines the memory of the professional achievements of Renzo Piano and his staff ever since the projects in the sixties. By studying the sketches, drawings, designs and models and documents, it is possible to retrace not only the history of individual projects but also the Renzo Piano Building Workshop’s working method.

The Foundation is continuing its program of preserving and valorizing the documentation, in the belief that the memory and knowledge embodied in these archives are essential tools for conveying an experience of design to young people.

For this reason, the legacy of information that is established is made available through various instruments and initiatives. The Foundation publishes a website, welcomes requests for information from students, and hosts researchers, so ensuring a knowledge of this archive spreads to young architects and scholars. The exhibitions organized by the Foundation and the Renzo Piano Building Workshop use the documentation to recount the architect’s complex craft to all with a passion for architecture.


Since 2006, the Foundation archivists have worked with the Renzo Piano Building Workshop’s documentation managers to preserve this documentary patrimony and facilitate access to it.

After a first census of the material in the archives revealed the large quantities of documents preserved, work began on inventorying and cataloguing the various holdings in the archives and individual projects. This work is still under way. To date, almost a hundred projects have been identified, going back to the 1960s.


The archives preserved by the Foundation are currently being re-organized, the documents which are available for consultation are published online in the section Archives/Projects.

Published documents are available for study and personal research only. We ask you to use all the information provided correctly.

For particular use such as publication and research we ask you to contact us directly at, specifying in the subject “Request for documentation”.

Access to the archives is reserved to students and researchers and, after approval, is free.

To obtain authorization the student should send a request specifying the object of their research and its goal, as well as a letter of recommendation from their academic adviser.

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