The Renzo Piano World Tour in 40 days - 2019

The Renzo Piano World Tour in 40 days - 2019

The 2019 edition of the RPWT has been expanded to offer six young people the opportunity for apprenticeship and a training and study experience through the journey around the world to discover the architectures of Renzo Piano and other famous architects.

The Renzo Piano Foundation has in fact involved five other international institutions to support the award. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the Fundación Botín confirmed their presence for the second year. The three new institutions are the Selvaag Gruppen, a Norwegian real estate developer and operator, The Vitra Design Foundation which is responsible for the birth and growth of the well-known design museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany, and Taschen Publications, one of the most famous book publishers of art and architecture.

Six universities were therefore involved and selected the winners on the basis of the official call promoted by the supporting bodies.

This project is supported also by ProviaggiArchitettura e Habitat 2020



The six participants - Valentina Macca (University of Catania - seat of Syracuse), Eirinaios-Stylianos Palapanis (National Technical University of Athens), Paul-Antoine, Yves, Marie Lucas (Oslo School of Architecture and Design), Andrea Basso ( University of Padua), Raúl Ferrándiz Lopez (Polytechnic University of València), Lukas Kaufmann (Technische Universität München) - will describe and document their travels with drawings and photographs, focusing on reflections and sensations. Thoughts and images that will stop over time a unique travel experience.

Valentina MaccaPaul-Antoine and Eirinaios-Stylianos Palapanis  

Andrea BassoLukas Kaufmann, and Raúl Ferrándiz Lopez



The journey starts from Paris on June 20 and ends on July 28th in Genoa, at the Renzo Piano Foundation.

The six winners will travel in two groups:
Group 1: Paul-Antoine Lucas, Valentina Macca and Eirinaios-Stylianos Palapanis
Group 2: Andrea Basso, Raul Ferrandiz Lopez and Lukas Kaufmann  

After Paris, a group will visit Oslo, Athens, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Kyoto, Tokyo, San Francisco, Boston, Exeter, New Haven. The other group will visit Ronchamp, Basel, Bern, Weil am Rhein, Santander, London, Sydney, Noumea, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Forth Worth. They will meet together to visit New York, where they will leave for Entebbe and then for Genoa.

Follow the two itineraries here.



Read the press reportage by ProfessioneArchitetto, RPWT Media Partner:

1_20190313_art_1_RPWT 2019 - The winning travelers

2_20190612_art_2_RPWT 2019 The departure

3_20190703_art_3_RPWT 2019 The journey starts from Beaubourg

4_20190709_art_4_RPWT 2019 Looking towards Europe

5_20190716_art_5_ RPWT 2019 Australia and Japan

6_20190724_art_6_RPWT 2019 Meeting in North America

7_20190726_art_7_RPWT 2019 Entebbe 

8_20190802_art_8_RPWT 2019 end of the journey

9_20190730_art_9_RPWT 2019 press release

Retrace the steps through the winners stories and drawings and follow @rpwt40days #RPWT40days2019