MUSE, Le Albere Area and University Library

MUSE, Le Albere Area and University Library

The intervention has recovered an industrial area, long abandoned, close to the historical center of the city, establishing an eco-friendly neighborhood between two new public buildings: the MUSE - the science museum - and the central university library. The area, sandwiched between the railway lines and the Adige, was chosen at the end of the 1920s by Michelin to set up a series of industrial plants. The request made in 2002 to the Renzo Piano Building Workshop aimed at a global rethinking of the area that included the redevelopment of the river strip and the re-establishment of ties with the city, compromised by the railway barrier. 

Project data


2002 - 2014


Museum: 2008 - 2013

Rest of the area: 2008 - 2016

Site area

116.331 m2

Total floor area

97.640 m2.

MuSe: 11.710 m22

Residences: 43.900 m2

Commerce: 10.500 m2

Hotel: 400 m2

University Library: 5650 m2

Public park: 5 ha


15,50 m max (residences)

23,6 m max (museum)

24,8 m max (University Library)



MuSe 5 (max) + 2 basements

Awards and certificates




Castello Sgr S.p.A. (with ITAS Assicurazioni SpA, Museo delle Scienze di Trento and Università degli studi di Trento)


Renzo Piano Building Workshop, architects


Favero & Milan, SCE Project (structure); Manens-Tifs (MEP); Associazione PAEA (energy); Müller BBM (acoustics); Dia Servizi (cost consultant); M.Vuillermin (hydrogeotechnical studies); A.I.A. Engineering (roads and associated infrastructure); Ingegneri Consulenti Associati (sewerage networks); GAE Engineering (fire prevention); Atelier Corajoud-Salliot-Taborda, E.Skabar (landscape); Tekne (cost and specification consultant); Twice/Iure (project co-ordination); Origoni & Steiner (graphic design); Piero Castiglioni (lighting design)