Valletta City Gate

Valletta City Gate

The project intends to redevelop the main entrance area to La Valletta which was deeply transformed ever since Malta gained its indipendence from Britain and eventually becoming an independent Republic. The main concern was to bring the historical and architectural heritage of this powerful and symbolic place  back to the fore. At the same time, it was necessary to create new cultural and civic spaces. RPBW worked on three fronts: the City Gate, the new building housing the Parliament and the restoration of the Royal Opera House, destroyed by bombs during the Second World War.


Project data


2009 - 2011


2010 - 2015

Site area

40.000 m2

Total Floor Area

Parlamento 7.000 m², Opera House 2.800 m² (scena 1.800 m², backstage 1.000 m²)


19,70 m 


Parliament 4 + 2 basements, Opera House 1 + 1 basement

Opera House

918 seats



Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation 


Renzo Piano Building Workshop, architects in collaboration with Architecture Project (Valletta)


Arup (acoustics, civil, structural and MEP engineering); Kevin Ramsey (stone consultant), Daniele Abbado (theatre consultant), Müller BBM (acoustics), Franck Franjou (lighting), Studio Giorgetta (landscaping), Silvano Cova (theatre special equipment).