Intesa Sanpaolo office building

Intesa Sanpaolo office building

The aim was to create a building of marked public value. For this reason, one third of the tower is open and accessible: the first three storeys are permeable and occupied by an auditorium that can host civic activities, while the top three are designed as a greenhouse, a large urban space suspended in the air that contains a restaurant, cultural spaces and a panoramic terrace embracing the whole city. Another important aspect is sustainability: this skycraper consumes less energy than a structure of an equivalent size and was built to obtain the highest level LEED certification, which measures the sustainability of a building.

Project data


2006 - 2009


2009 - 2015

Site area

6.800 m2

Total Floor Area

110.000 m2


15.000 m3 


166,26 m 


38 + 6 basements

Awards and certificates

LEED platinum



Intesa Sanpaolo


Renzo Piano Building Workshop, architects


Inarco (consulting architect); Expedition Engineering / Studio Ossola / M.Majowiecki (structure); Manens-Tifs (building services); RFR (façade engineering); Eléments Ingénieries / CSTB / RWDI (environmental studies); Golder Associates (hydrogeological consultant); GAE Engineering (fire prevention); Peutz & Associés / Onleco (acoustics); Lerch, Bates & Associates (vertical transportation); SecurComp (security); Cosil (lighting); Labeyrie & Associés (audio/ video equipment); Spooms / Barberis (kitchen equipment); Atelier Corajoud / Studio Giorgetta (landscaping); Tekne (cost consultant); Michele De Lucchi / Pierluigi Copat Architecture (Interior Design); Jacobs Italia (site supervision)