Auditorium Parco della Musica

Auditorium Parco della Musica

In 1993, the City of Rome launched an international invitations competition (9 participants) for the creation of a multifunctional complex designed to host musical and cultural events. The Renzo Piano Building Workshop project introduces a novelty to the call for tenders: do not group the three rooms in one building, but make three independent buildings. The three rooms are arranged symmetrically around an empty space. There is a fourth room, Cavea, an open-air amphitheater for performances and concerts, where about 3,000 spectators can be found. The three halls are conceived as real musical instruments. There are three large «harmonic boxes», with different capacities and features, structurally separated to enhance acoustic insulation.

Project data




1996 - 2002

Site area

56000 m2

Total floor area

55000 m2

Open space and gardens

40000 m2


34 m



Sala Santa Cecilia

2800 seats

Sala Sinopoli

1200 seats

Sala Petrassi

750 seats


3000 seats



City of Rome


Renzo Piano Building Workshop, architects 


Competition: Ove Arup & Partners (structure and services); Müller Bbm (acoustics); Davis Langdon & Everest (cost control); F.Zagari, E.Trabella (landscaping); Tecnocamere (fire prevention)

Design Development: Studio Vitone & Associati (structure); Manens Intertecnica (services); Müller Bbm (acoustics); T. Gatehouse, Austin Italia (cost control); F. Zagari, E. Trabella (landscaping); Tecnocons (fire prevention); P.L. Cerri (graphic design)

Construction phase: Studio Vitone & Associati (structure); Manens Intertecnica (services); Müller Bbm (acoustics); Techint / Drees & Sommer (site supervision)