RPBW, Fragments, Gagosian Gallery

RPBW, Fragments, Gagosian Gallery


The exhibition was curated by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop and by the Fondazione Renzo Piano with the sponsorship of the Fondazione Stavros Niarcos.

The aim of this exhibition was to spread the knowledge of architecture through a selection of Renzo Piano Building Workshop architects projects.

The exhibition consisted of 24 monographic tables that told the story of 24 different projects through models, drawings, photos and videos.

"The atmosphere of the show will be halfway between the reading room in a library, a classroom, and a gallery in a museum of natural history" Renzo Piano wrote at the beginning of the design process at Andreas Dracopoulos, Co- President of the Foundation, Stavros Niarchos, who funded the exhibition.



RPBW, Fragments, Gagosian Gallery 


Renzo Piano Building Workshop 
and the Fondazione Renzo Piano

Conception and Realization

Renzo Piano
Giorgio Bianchi
Stefania Canta
Milly Rossato Piano
Elisabetta Trezzani

Chiara Casazza
Christophe Colson                              
Andrea Malgeri                               
Antonio Porcile                                                                                                                                         

Federica Carri                           
Serge Drouin                                 
Anne-Cecile Guthmann                                                                            
Susanna Ighina                                                                         
Linda Palu                                                                          
Elena Spadavecchia                                                                           
Erika Tovo                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Renzo Piano Building Workshop 
Fausto Cappelini
Christophe Colson 
Dante Cavagna
Yorgos Kyrkos  
Francesco Terranova
and Yan Chaplain - Parigi
DB Model - Genova
Olivier Doizy - Cherveix Cubas
Yan Chaplain - Parigi
Michel Gaudin - Parigi
Andrea Malgeri - Genova
Edoardo Miola - Genova
OCALP - Genova
Stefano Rossi - Genova