Progetti d'acqua. Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Progetti d'acqua. Renzo Piano Building Workshop


The WATER PROJECT. RENZO PIANO BUILDING WORKSHOP at the Naval Museum of Pegli in Genoa from 26 September to 1 November 2015, has investigated the many relationships that link the Genoese architect to this element.
The exhibition, curated by the Renzo Piano Foundation, by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, by Pegli Live Association and the CUP (University of Ponente), was organized in collaboration with the City of Genoa and the Mu.MA - Institution Museums of the Sea and Migration.

In this occasion were exhibited the first Renzo Piano’s projects for boats of the 1960s and  twelve Renzo Piano Building Workshop projects: the Cruise Vessel designed for Fincantieri (1988-1990), the Ushibuka Bridge (1989-1995) and the Kansai International Airport Terminal in Japan (1988-1994), the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Center in New Caledonia (1991-1998), the NEMO - National Center for Science and Technology in Amsterdam (1992-1997), the Masterplan and the new buildings for Potsdamer Platz in Berlin (1992-2000), the Façade system for the Luna Rossa team base in Valencia for the 32nd America’s cup (2005-2006), the Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo (2006-2012), the Centro Botin in Santander, Spain (2010-2017), the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens (2008-2016), the Re-development of the Genoa old harbour (1985 – 1992) for the 1992 Colombians celebrations and the 2001 Biosfera.

Two new projects were exhibited for the first time: “How Genoa could Be”, a vision for the reorganisation of the entire Genoa Port Area (2014), and the Pilots' Tower for the Genoa harbour.


Conception and realization

Lorenzo Ciccarelli
Shunji Ishida
Milly Rossato Piano

Stefania Canta
Chiara Casazza
Giovanna Giusto
Antonio Porcile


Richard Sadleir
Alice Manca


Lorenzo Ciccarelli
Luciano Caprile


Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini


Abaco promo / Giuseppe Fiume