La Méthode Piano. Renzo Piano Building Workshop

La Méthode Piano. Renzo Piano Building Workshop


The art of building and to assemble is the hallmark of Renzo Piano, was born in a family of builders, whose projects are experimental from a technical and urban scale point of view, in fact if there is a common thread is their relationship with the city. Design the tallest tower in Europe on a train station in London as place a new and small element in Paris or develop a green area in northern Italy in Trento, and think of the new parliament in the Maltese city of the Knights of Valletta are challenges that Renzo Piano and his team deals with passion. Unlike a retrospective, the exhibition aims to present this particular design process "participated". "The method Piano" takes this name for the working methodology that distinguishes the Genoa and Paris offices; in the introductory part of the exhibition as well is illustrate the "laboratory" work of Piano, are exposed light structures designed starting from the '60s and the Pompidou Center, designed with his partner Richard Rogers, a springboard to acquire an international dimension. With the same mechanism design of the Building Workshop the viewer sees how they were conceived the design of new projects like Whitney museum in New York, Emergency Hospital in Uganda, Palace of Justice in Paris, through initials sketches and gradually more and more detailed designs up to the scale models. Each project exploits the potential of the materials and construction techniques sharpens. The design process of the "Piano Method" uses numerous models and develops them over and over again until you get to the final form. The theme of the exhibition is built around six families of projects in Europe and United States, with a focus on the humanitarian project in Africa.



La Méthode Piano. Renzo Piano Building Workshop


Francis Rambert, head of French Institute of architecture (IFA)
Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine

Conception and realization

Renzo Piano Building Workshop
Giorgio Bianchi
Milly Rossato Piano
Stefania Canta
Elena Spadavecchia
Chiara Bennati
Chiara Casazza
Lorenzo Ciccarelli
Christophe Colson
Cino Ermentini
Philippe Goubet
Andrea Malgeri


Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine,
production of exhibitions department:
Myriam Feuchot, head of department
Marion Zirk, project leader
Amélie Matray, works manager
Jonathan Deledicq, technical manager
Junior Mwanga, apprentice
Yan Gaillard, management accountant
Jérôme Richard, digital data manager