Shard. London Bridge Quarter

Shard. London Bridge Quarter

“The Shard,” the fifth volume of the series of monographs devoted to iconic buildings by Renzo Piano, was issued in 2012.

The London Bridge Tower, known as the “Shard,” was inaugurated in July 2012. Rising to 309 meters, today it is Europe’s tallest building. Conceived and built as a small vertical city, the tower is a living and vibrant presence in London’s sky. This volume tells the story of an astonishing project, from the first conjectural designs to construction work and the official inauguration.

The book presents a large and exclusive selection of sketches made by Renzo Piano, elevations, plans and sections of the project, study models, prototypes and site photos, with direct testimony of the architects who took part in this extraordinary adventure. Renzo Piano's text tells in person the story of a building that has already become a symbol of London.


Volume edited by

Lia Piano

Conception and development

Lia Piano and Franco Origoni with Joost Moolhuizen, William Matthews, and Elena Spadavecchia

With the participation of

Renzo Piano Building Workshop – Bart Hakkerhuis, Stefania Canta, Chiara Casazza, Eileen Chen; Renzo Piano Foundation – Nicoletta Durante, Giovanna Giusto

Graphic design and layout

Franco Origoni and Anna Steiner with Roberta Cesani


Miranda Westwood and Verto Group srl


Renzo Piano Foundation