Noumea. Centre Culturel Jean Marie Tjibaou

Noumea. Centre Culturel Jean Marie Tjibaou

The Centre Culturel Jean Marie Tjibaou is the third volume in the collection, published in 2009.

The project is also the exploration of another world, seemingly remote: New Caledonia, the Pacific, and the culture of the ephemeral, the encounter with the great Kanak people and their history suspended between past and future.The adventure ends with the discovery of an unexpected affinity: “I am more Kanak than you,” Renzo Piano was to declare at the end of the experience.

Like all the volumes in this series, the material is largely unpublished: sketches, notes, drawings, construction documents and the memories of those who personally experienced this extraordinary design adventure. A book that becomes a travel journal, with all its immediacy and power. In this volume, apart from Renzo Piano’s personal story, there are accounts by Marie-Claude Tjibaou, Alban Gassa and Glenn Murcutt. Their voices, faithfully recorded and transcribed, help the reader relive the extraordinary story of this project with its protagonists.


Technical Information

Closed size:
28x28 cm

192 pages, printed in 4 colors + paint
Cover with double inside flap. 


ISBN code: 
978-88-6264-003-9  Italian/English 
978-88-6264-004-6  French/English

Volume edited by

Lia Piano

Conception and development

Lia Piano and Franco Origoni with Paul Vincent and Dominique Rat

With the participation of

Renzo Piano Building Workshop – Giorgio Bianchi, Stefania Canta, Chiara Casazza, Giovanna Giusto, Patricia Guyot,  Manon Paré, Antonio Porcile

Graphic design and layout

Franco Origoni and Anna Steiner with Roberta Cesani


Giles Watson with Enrico Marletto, Jacquie Bridonneau, Groz Italy


Renzo Piano Foundation