Istanbul Modern Museum

Istanbul Modern Museum

 “In this project we had to deal with the concept of limit. Limits can be seen in two ways: theymay prevent you from making interesting choices or there may represent a solid ground to climb and make projects.
Some choices here were indisputable: the ground floor structure, the presence of ships docking in front of the building, the height, and, last but not least, a budget that had to be strictly respected.
All these things can be seen as terrible obstacles, or on the contrary, providential help to focus attention elsewhere”.


With these words, Renzo Piano, in the exclusive interview contained in this volume, tells the story of the birth of the new Istanbul Modern Museum in the historic district of the port of Galata in Istanbul, overlooking the Bosphorus. The new museum will become an urban focal point between the Old Town to the west, the Bosphorus to the south, Tophane Park to the north, and the new Galataport Waterside development to the east which will replace the old pier business. The museum project is part of a general regeneration masterplan of 1.5 km along the quay.

The volume, edited and published by the Renzo Piano Foundation within the monographic series dedicated to the iconic projects created by Renzo Piano and the Renzo Piano Building Workshop, tells in images the entire path of the demolition and construction of the new museum. The story is told chronologically through drawings, unpublished sketches, models, prototypes, annotations and site photos. The book represents a travel notebook that accompanies the reader in every phase of that extraordinary adventure that is the profession of designing and constructing buildings. The material used is largely unpublished and comes from the archives of the Renzo Piano Foundation.


Technical Information

Closed size:
28x28 cm

168 pages, printed in 4 colors + paint
Cover with double inside flap. 


ISBN code: 
978-88-6264-021-3 Italian/English
978-88-6264-022-0 Turkish/English

Volume edited by

Lia Piano

Conception and development

Lia Piano and Giovanna Langasco 
with Elena Spadavecchia

With the participation of

Renzo Piano Building Workshop:
Emanuela Baglietto
Ronan Dunphy
Francesco Giacobello
Antonio Porcile 
Linda Zunino

Fondazione Renzo Piano:
Giovanna Giusto
Nicoletta Durante
Chiara Bennati

Graphic design and layout

Barbara Villanova
Alessandro Zane


Richard Sadleir
Balca Ergener


Grafiche Antiga


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