Beyeler. Fondation Beyeler

Beyeler. Fondation Beyeler

Fondation Beyeler, the second volume in the series, was issued in 2008.


The story of the project starts from the background to the first conjectural ideas for the project, revealing the long and complex research, never recounted before, that led to the construction of this museum.

A journey told in images, through previously unpublished sketches and drawings, study and presentation models, scientific experiments with light, sound and materials, so coming to the construction site, the completed building and the spaces lived in. The closing text, recorded live from Renzo Piano's own voice, reveals everything that went on behind the scenes, including relations with the client Ernst Beyeler, who wanted a space perfectly integrated into the natural setting for his works. The consequent design choice made the works the true protagonists of the space in this extraordinary collection.

The book guides the reader through the development of the project and its construction.


Technical Information

Closed size:
28x28 cm

168 pages, printed in 4 colors + paint
Cover with double inside flap. 


ISBN code: 
978-88-6264-001-5  Italian/English 
978-88-6264-002-2  French/German

Volume edited by

 Lia Piano

Conception and development

Lia Piano and Franco Origoni with Bernard Plattner and Loic Couton

With the participation of

Renzo Piano Building Workshop – Giorgio Bianchi, Stefania Canta, Chiara Casazza, Giovanna Giusto, Patricia Guyot,  Manon Paré, Antonio Porcile

Graphic design and layout

Franco Origoni and Anna Steiner with Roberta Cesani


Giles Watson with Enrico Marletto, Jacquie Bridonneau, Groz Italy


Renzo Piano Foundation