PROJECTS IN DETAIL Renzo Piano Building Workshop

Kimbell Art Museum Expansion

Fort Worth, U.S.A, 2007/2013


Author(s) Title Journal Issue Date Descending order Download
Composition, counterpoint
L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui 407 24-06-2015
Self Ronnie Kimbell
Citè 96 16-04-2015
Museum Extension in Forth Worth
Detail 2 01-03-2015
Piano, Renzo Renzo Piano. Kimbell Art Museum Expansion
GA Document 128 25-07-2014
Poli Matteo Lichtkorpet und Schaukasten
Baumeister 3 01-03-2014
Renzo Piano Building Workshop Ecos de contexto. Kimbell Art Museum Expansion, Forth Worth
Arquitectura Viva 160 01-02-2014
Rybczynski Witold Kimbell Art Museum. A study in deference
Architect 1 01-01-2014
Dannatt Adrian Duelling partners
The Architectural Review 1403 01-01-2014
Bucci, Federico Piano Pavilion. Kimbell Art Museum
Casabella 833 01-01-2014
Ampliamento del Kimbell Art Museum
Domus 975 16-12-2013
Williams Goldhagen Sarah Facing up to a legend
Architectural Record 12 01-12-2013
Poli Matteo Renzo Piano Building Workshop. Kimbell Art Museum, Forth Worth
Abitare 536 14-11-2013